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The Ellamo Foundation

The Ellamo Foundation was founded on the 23th of October 2006 by filmmaker Manely to support and finance the production of cultural & educational goods, especially films that matter and have a social utility. Our application for ANBI has been granted per 1 January 2016 for indefinite time !

Tax benefits

The Dutch Tax Administration has classified the Ellamo Foundation as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI). This implies that both project supporters and partners of The Ellamo Foundation may deduct their contributions from taxes. Tax benefits can be as high as 65% of the amount of the contribution.

(note: only applicable for Dutch supporters, institutions and corporations) Click here to get more info


Ellamo Foundation Policy

Ellamo Foundation supports cultural goods and services that have a direct public interest. Anyone can submit an application. The Board assesses the content and the social value of each application. This may include committees or temporary advisers for each case to be appointed. The board then makes a decision unanimously.

The foundation has the aim to stimulate the production of cultural and educational goods and services, such as movies, music, theater or other expressions of artistic nature, schools, education systems or other expressions and services of educational nature.

The Foundation is Strictly Non-Profit

The Foundation accomplishes this goal by

  • the development of such cultural and educational goods;

  • the gathering and public offering of know-how and expertise relevant to the production of such goods and services; and

  • the distribution of such goods by both existent means, and means to be developed

The Ellamo Foundation Presents

Wim Hof Film Crowdfund Campaign

Cutting-Edge Feature Documentary Film about the Journey of Wim Hof. Help us Remain 100% Independent.


The Ellamo Foundation expresses gratitude for all donations.

Thanks to your donations we can realize our ambitions and passion to improve consciousness and human knowledge. Our biggest project yet, the Wim Hof Film, will be funded by both donations and crowdfunding campaigns.  Follow us closely to keep up with the developments surrounding the film.

Wisdom, Gratitude, Love & Share !

The Ellamo Foundation Presents

Wim Hof Film Donation Catalogue

For the feature-length documentary Wim Hof: The Ice Man

Auditing by Notary Christian de Kok

Terms and Conditions

Meet the board

The Ellamo Foundation is powered by a multi-talented board. Questions? You are most welcome to approach any of us.

Chairman ~ Manely Ellamo

Tel. +31 681792051    manely@ellamofoundation.nl

Secretary ~ Dorothea Meijer

Tel. +31 653373807